Love me do Autumn Fair 7.10.2017 - Kaapelitehdas Helsinki

Eslon Productions

A Short note from a videographer’s travel journal

A year ago, Maret Kendra, a top class business woman and a designer based in Toronto, contacted me. Maret asked if I could document her wedding design she was making for an Estonian wedding next summer.

Quite quickly we agreed upon a deal and geez... what a woman! I could immediately tell (hold your hats ‘n’ caps,) that this lady was about to rock a wedding!

Her energy was so pure, tremendous and genuine that I thought she is going to step out of my screen during our Skype calls. Pure source of energy and inspiration to any woman, at any age. I knew working with her was going be awesome. And so it was!

I had the privilege to see how a truly inspiring designer was working on a large barn space, turned dusty, wooden, dark space into a spectacular ball room. She had built a 20-square-feet chandelier with hundreds of crystals and silk ribbons, all selected with love and care.

She had hunted down hundreds of roses and peonies in certain colours. Every single detail was thought over. Everything. From candles to the flower girl’s baskets.

A truly fantastic photographer Laura Strandberg, based in Tallinn, was chosen to photograph this beauty and Eslon productions was there to make a video about it.

It was THE perfect wedding. Lady’s and gentlemen – let me introduce you the wedding of Margaret and Mikk, designed by Maret’s design, photographed by Laura Strandberg and shot by Eslon Productuctions.

Here you may see the full gallery of Laura’s photos!